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Q. What are the items on the long-press 123 popup menu?

Info icon】 Open the homepage of MultiLing
Share icon】 Insert MultiLing promotion text
Trans】 Translate the text in the edit box
Á→A】 Toggle accent marks for SMS
Pen icon】 Toggle handwriting mode
Mic icon】 Voice input (Some devices might not support this)
$$$】 Open a webpage to let you make a donatio (Thanks!)
Yellow face icon】 iPhone emoji
♥☎★】 Misc black & white symbols
:-)】 Smiley face
Close keyboard icon】 Close Keyboard
←↑→】 Edit mode with arrow keys
123】 Num pad
Toggle keyboard icon】 Toggle keyboard layout (T9/Compact/Standard/Romaji/Phonetic)
Settings icon】 Settings for MultiLing

Q. What is the warning box during keyboard activation?

Android pops up this standard warning box for all 3rd party keyboards activation. You can trust MultiLing because MultiLing does not have Internet permission, so it can never send out any personal data or key strokes without your knowledge.

You do have to be cautious about other keyboard apps that have Internet permission, since every keyboard app is capable to collect your keystrokes.

Q. What permissions does MultiLing need and why?

MultiLing needs to access to:
To let you define your own words and the app can predict the words for you.
To allow MultiLing to predict your contact's name
For voice input

Q. I want to customize my own smiley faces.

Please use Autotext.

Q. No user dictionary for asian languages?

Due to the complexity of asian languages, the better way is to use Autotext instead.

Q. Failed to enable MultiLing Keyboard.

Unfortunately semi-automatic setup may not work for some devices. The good news: you can still enable it manually.
Device settings → Language & keyboard → Select MultiLing Keyboard

Q. No word prediction?

You need to download dictionary plugin.

Q. It doesn't suggest contacts?

You need to enable it in the settings.

Q. Where are the goodies (T9, compact, emoji, symbols, arrow keys, smileys...)?


Q. Where is Russian/Cyrillic phonetic keyboard?

1. Long-press【?123】key, bottom row, 3rd item.
2. or simply using gesture (swipe from right to left).

Q. Gesture not working?

You have to enable it in the settings.

Q. Multi-touch not working?

Some devices can't handle Multi-touch.

Q. How do I switch between languages?

Two ways: 1. Swipe space bar left/right for next/prev language. 2. Long-press space bar to pop up a language menu.

Q. T9/Compact mode shows numbers instead of words

Enable auto-completion and install language plugin. MultiLing will auto-correct it into word.

Q. I want arrow keys on the main keyboard.

You can use the volume up / down buttons to move cursor.

Q. Where is handwriting recognition? I don't see it in the language option.

Since handwriting supports multiple languages (中日韓), it is not in the language option. To toggle it, Long-press【?123】, select pen icon. Or swipe from left to right (→) if you have gesture enabled.

Q. Where is my language? I don't see it in the language option.

Some devices display it in your language. For example தமிழ் instead of Tamil. So you have to scroll down to find it. If you see rectangles, it means your device doesn't have the right fonts. Please
read this.

Q. Dictionary drops after reboot or sitting idle.

Some users experience this problem due to machines that need some time mounting SD card. You should give your machine some time to do its job. Another remedy is moving the language plugin from SD to phone. Settings → Application → Manage Application → SD Card.

Q. I want QWERTY / AZERTY for all Latin languages, how?

You can enforce it in the settings (Themes and Layouts).

Q. Where is Dvorak, Colemak and other layouts?

Choose it the settings (Themes, sizes and layouts).

Q. How do I add words to user dictionary?

Long-press the typed word in the suggestion bar.

Q. How do I delete words from user dictionary?

Long-press the word. You can also use a 3rd party tool (free) to do so.
User Dictionary Manager (UDM) by Adrian Vintu

Q. I want a bigger space key.

Hide the settings key.

Q. I want comma key.

Hide the microphone from the main keyboard.

Q. I want to disable accented letters for SMS?

long-press【?123】and then select【Á→A】.

Q. Accents mark is missing?

You have disabled accents mark. It is a feature for SMS. See above.

Q. I don't want apostrophe.

Hide it in the settings (Latin section).

Q. The keyboard keep switching to handwriting mode accidentally.

Disable gesture detection.

Q. Can I switch language with hardware keyboard?

Yes. Shift+space.

Q. My keyboard is too narrow.

Resize it in the settings. Some devices have density problem. Please google it for a solution specific to your device i.e "android density setting [your device name]".

Q. I see rectangles/squares only for my language.

You need to install extra fonts for your language (such as Hindi, Tamil, Tibetan...) Read this

Q. When I am typing very fast, some character is missing.

It could be a preformance issue. Try disabling some features such as sound effect, vibration, popup on keypress etc. Also, Android is a true Multitask system, another app may have caused this problem.

Q. Can I have simplified Chinese?

Yes, all chinese IME supports 简繁互換. Simply touch the【繁/简】key to toggle it. Or long-press【123】key for keyboards that doesn't have that key.

Q. I want to help to create a plugin for my language?

Send me a word list. Frequency ranking is preferable but not essential.

Q. I can't find plugin for my language in the market.

Sometimes Android Market filters out some apps due to your hardware configuration. Let me know if this happens to you.

Q. Arabic or Hebrew is rendered left to right (LTR) instead of right to left (RTL).

Some devices don't render these texts correctly; tweak it in the settings (non-Latin section)

Q. My friend received question marks on SMS.

3 possibilties:
1. Your SMS app unicode is disabled.
2. Your network carrier can't handle unicode.
3. Your friend's network carrier can't handle unicode

Q. I want asian type of smiley faces (kaomoji).

Please use Autotext to edit your own .

Q. Arabic isn't connected.

Tweak it in the settings (non-Latin section)

Q. iPhone users can't see my Arabic text.

Tweak it in the settings (non-Latin section)

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